Trust is the confidence among team members that their peers’ intentions are good, and that there is no reason to be protective or careful around the group. Teammates are vulnerable with one another they are confident that their respective vulnerabilities will not be used against them.

Peddhoju Nagendra Chary

P Ramaswamy chary

Peddhoju Ravi Chary

Peddhota Adinarayana

Pothoju Ramana Kumari

R Krishnama Chary

Raghavapuram Saikumar

Rampally Babu Chary

Simhadri Adinarayana Chary

Simhadri Badram

Srinivas Chary

Sriramoju Madhu

Sriramoju Praveen Chary

T Nageshwar Rao

Tangalapally Venkataramana Chary

Tangalapally Venkateshwarlu

Thatikonda Rajeshwari

Thatikonda Ramana Chary

Vadla Ashok Chary

Vadluri Srinivas Chary

Vemulawada Ramana Chary

Aakarapu Srinivasa Chary

Anugoju Vasantha chary

Anugoju Rambabu Chary

Beethoju Naresh Chary

Ch Suresh Chary

D Sravan Kumar Chary

Digutla Chetanya Kumar

Gorsa Narsimha Rao

Inugurthy Rajeshwari

Karnakanti Bramhanandam

Karnakanti Govindha Chary

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